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A series of events dedicated to your health and wellbeing

Rail Wellbeing Live 2021

Rail Wellbeing Live is FREE to attend and VIRTUAL. Join us for an exciting ‘pick n mix’ programme of 75 inspiring sessions and over 100 expert speakers.

Rail Wellbeing Live is back! Join us on 17 & 18 November as we continue with our mission to improve health and wellbeing across the rail industry, for FREE. You can expect the same mix of fun, engaging and sometimes emotional virtual sessions from industry leaders and high-profile figures across the health and wellbeing arena. But we promise to be even bigger and better than last year!

And don’t forget, your wellbeing doesn’t need to wait till November! On the first Wednesday of every month we have our Wellbeing Wednesday livestream with an ever-changing panel of exciting guests. You can also watch our bite sized 5-Minute Wellbeing. These little video guides offer quick advice on how to boost your wellbeing. Our Wellbeing Library also offers a chance to catch-up on some of the amazing content from last year’s live event. And if you’re not one of the 9,000 people already signed up to Rail Wellbeing Live, then please subscribe here.

Rail Wellbeing Live 2020 is still available on demand!

Ready to watch? Fantastic. Go to our Wellbeing Library.

Why focus on health and wellbeing?

Improving your physical and mental wellbeing can impact so many different areas of your life, both at work and at home. However, for years in the rail industry we haven’t given health and wellbeing the attention it deserves.

When a workplace accident occurs, we rightly spend time challenging, questioning and learning where improvements could be made. What if we did the same for problems with our physical or mental health?

Rail Wellbeing Live puts health and wellbeing where it should be, at the top of the agenda. It’s time to change, and together we can make a real difference. Are you ready for the challenge?

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  • Build better relationships at home and at work
  • Support yourself, your family and colleagues
  • Develop healthy new habits and reduce injuries
  • Be ready for life!