Laura Willis - Founder, Shine Offline

Workshop: The Role of Business Leaders in Creating Healthy Digital Cultures in Today’s ‘New Normal’

As the reality of Covid-19 started to sink in, and organisations realised the changes they would have to make to protect their staff, digital technology stood out as the hero. It has allowed employees to move from being office to home based and ensured businesses can keep moving forward in an incredibly uncertain time. Productivity has been shown to have gone up and in the ‘new normal’ many organisations are embracing a flexible approach to work, encouraging staff to base themselves at home either all or part of the working week.

However as people adjust and adapt to working remotely they have come to rely on emails, instant messaging and conference call software like never before. For many their ability to manage work life balance and wellbeing has been impacted, along with feelings of isolation, lack of quality interaction and increased digital distraction.

Join Shine Offline co-founder and digital wellbeing expert Laura Willis for a webinar on the role you as a leader play in creating the digital culture at work. Consider your current digital habits and the impact they have on your ability to do your best work as well as the impact they have on your employees. This session is an opportunity to discover some simple, practical adjustments that can be made to individual and collective digital behaviour to improve focus, performance, relationships, wellbeing and work life balance.