Our Fourth Wellbeing Wednesday

Ready? Watch now.

This Wellbeing Wednesday we’re honoured to welcome Dame Carol Black to our panel. She’s spent many years of her career advising the government on the importance of workplace wellbeing, and how unhealthy environments can impact on employees. Over the last few years she’s spent a lot of time in our industry, working with rail operators to understand the challenges we face. Hear her reflect on what she discovered and different ways we can make positive changes for the future.

Join the Wellbeing Wednesday livestream and you’ll also learn all about the power of Pilates with Jo Tuffrey. Jo is a Pilates teacher to the stars, having trained household names including Philip Schofield. Demonstrating her skills live on This Morning, she showed how she helped him get in shape and improve his overall wellbeing. Now she’s here to show you, too! During the livestream she’ll be leading a short Pilates class and everyone is invited to get involved.

Hosting our fortnightly dose of wellness inspiration are our trusted hosts Katie Frost, Managing Director at Network Rail, High Speed, and David Horne, Managing Director at LNER.