Laura Willis - Founder, Shine Offline

Healthy management of digital technology in challenging times

As the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold our relationships with our digital devices has changed. We have become more reliant than ever on technology to do our jobs and keep us connected to friends, colleagues and clients. The ever-changing nature of the pandemic’s impact has resulted in many being pulled to news and social media more than ever; and as home-working becomes the norm the boundaries between working and personal life is increasingly blurred.

Join Shine Offline co-founder and digital wellbeing expert Laura Willis for a webinar on creating positive digital habits in this uncertain time to protect your work life balance, mental health, relationships and help you perform at your best.

This practical and uplifting session is based on research from the worlds of psychology and neuroscience and considers the impact effective management of digital technology has on various aspects of daily life. Maintaining work life boundaries, minimising ‘zoom fatigue’ and maximising performance and collaboration when working remotely are all included.