Angela Steel - Founder & CEO, SuperWellness

An Introduction to Workplace Nutrition Experts, SuperWellness

Aa short introduction from SuperWellness about how we can support your employees post-lockdown.

Workplace nutrition and wellbeing have never been more important than today.

People are experiencing unprecedented change and the stress that goes with it. Fears relating to their health and that of their loved ones. And with many of us still working from home, habits essential to wellbeing, such as healthy eating and exercise can become harder to maintain.

We’ve adapted our tried and tested on-site nutrition programmes to support your teams remotely during this time. Our top priorities:

  • Helping you to keep your teams connected, positive and inspired
  • Providing evidence-based nutrition knowledge to support long term physical and mental health and resilience
  • This includes a strong immune system and reduced risk factors which make us more vulnerable to disease